Opportunities come from action

Opportunities come from action.

If you are stuck and don’t know where to go: take some action in order to give yourself some options.

Don’t wait for it to fall in your lap. Where do you want to go? You might need to take a class, send an email, apply to jobs, or volunteer. Don’t wait, though. Don’t let fear talk you into staying stagnant. Even if you don’t have all the answers right now, trust that you will understand more the further you go. 

You just have to get into motion. Create some kind of movement, however small, in the direction you want to go. Even small movements will get you closer than standing still. Movement will give you more information to work with. It will put you in contact with helpful people. It will gift you more experience. 

When you move forward, though, keep this in mind: take strategic, yet flexible, action.

Make sure that the action you take is actually going to be helpful. Do your research and make sure you take quality steps forward. However, be prepared for roadblocks to pop up. You might need to take a detour. Don’t let this discourage you. Simply adjust and keep moving forward. Adjusting is still movement. 

You need to balance your head and your feet. If you get too into your mind, if you get too bound to research and strategizing and thinking through how you will take action, you’ll never actually move forward. However, if you run forward without thoughtfulness, you will waste time and energy and information. Strategic and flexible. Steady motion. Thoughtful action. This balance will get you far.

So do not cower in fear. Step out strategically and create some opportunities for yourself. 

(Photo by Holden Baxter on Unsplash)

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