Christy Janssens

I am a freelance journalist based in Burlington, Ontario. I love to write stories that rest at the intersections of faith, culture, and geography. I also love reading, and writing about, books.

I graduated with a diploma in journalism from Sheridan College in 2017, and am currently finishing a bachelor's degree in journalism from Ryerson University.

I did my internship at CBC books in 2017. Since then, I have taken on select freelance partnerships in interviewing, writing and editing.

You can read my essay in the Globe and Mail here.


The 2019 Linda Shutt Memorial Scholarship from Ryerson University for determination and maturity in reporting.

A 2017 Canadian Online Publishing Award for a data journalism project about the state of mental health in millennials.

Silver medal at Sheridan College for the highest GPA in the journalism program.

The Toronto Star Award for Academic Excellence in Journalism in 2017.

An interview with me:

Sheridan Curiosities//Shining a spotlight on mental health

How our team made a website about mental health and won a Canadian Online Publishing Award. 

The project that won the COPA award:

"What U Don't See"

Won "Best Interactive Story" at the 2017 Canadian Online Publishing Awards.

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